Ulla Holtschneider


1963 -1968

Art School Münster, Graphic Arts and Design
1972 - 1975 Art Teacher Training qualification in Siegen and Wuppertal
1977 Experimental drawings on stone
1978 Purchase of an original lithografic press
since 1979 Exhibitions and publications, reduction in teaching hours
until 1991 Lithographs and drawings, people, positions, allegories, tensions, relations
1991 / 92 Temporary break from lithography,
large extensive drawings on plywood and cardboard,
acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and cardboard
since 1993 Material textures, collages and decollages on canvas.
Realization of sequences: änigma, southerndown, chalix, forma, Stilles Land, chromos, lithos
2007 Moved to Müritz /Mecklenburg-Vorpommern where she lives and works.
2008 Reworking on the sequence "Treppenbilder"